TUNGUS fire extinguishing systems offer real-time, fully automatic, eco-friendly, effective and rapid waterless fire protection for various applications in Residential, Commercial and Industrial sector:


 Residential Homes & Cottages

 Recreational Vehicles & Boats

 Farms & Farm Equipment

 Mining Industry & Heavy Mining Equipment

 Transportation - Trucks, Buses, Trains, Ships

 General Commercial & Industrial Enterprises


TUNGUS unique features include:


 12 years maintenance free afterwards can be recharged

 No electrical connections, no piping, no batteries completely stand-alone

 No constant pressure inside the fire extinguishing module

 Fast and simple installation no special licensing

 Can be installed inside any room, attic, building, mining shaft or in engine compartments of heavy equipment or trucks

 No major modifications to retrofit buildings

 Wide range of extreme operating temperatures (-60C up to +125C)

 Heat, corrosion & vibration resistant, certified for harsh & explosive environment such as coal mines, chemical factories, refineries

 Eco-friendly extinguishing powder all-natural minerals

 Several times more powerful than conventional fire extinguishers

 Reusable can be recharged after module has been activated and discharged


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